The Six Stages of Early Development

Two kids holding a large frameStage 1: Infant (6 weeks to 1-year old)

École Est Belle Academy understands that, as parents, the safety and comfort of your babies are your paramount priorities. Because of that, we always make sure to provide them with highly secured and completely baby-proofed infant facility for your babies’ safety and your peace of mind. From our rooms to our highly-trained and compassionate infant caregivers, we make sure that your babies are as comfortable and safe as they are when they are with you at home. With plenty of carefully selected infant toys, activities and equipment, to our friendly, loving, and exceptionally trained caregivers, École Est Belle Academy has everything your infants will need.

At École Est Belle Academy, infants will have:

  • Playtime and activities that are designed for their exploration and stimulation, and nap and feeding times that are consistent to every baby’s schedule.
  • Sign language to advance their communication skills.
  • Personal cubby and crib for each babies as well as private nursing rooms for their mothers, complete with gliders for those who choose to nurse inside the center.
  • Safe, clean, and healthy diaper changing procedure.
  • Clean and safe infant toys and equipment.

Stage 2: Toddler (1 to 2 years old)

At ages 1 to 2 years old, your children have already developed their own routine that is most comfortable for them. They are already in their earliest stages of being independent and active, as they learn to crawl, walk, and explore their surroundings to their heart’s content. Our playful and energetic teachers at École Est Belle Academy will be there to guide, supervise, and encourage them as they continue to explore and discover new things and skills. To aid your toddlers’ newly found interest to explore, we will completely provide them with learning materials, such as books, blocks, art supplies, toys, and others, and facilitate nurturing and educational activities that will help in their overall development. You can be assured of their safety with us as they stay in our secured toddler rooms that are complete with the equipment and facilities they need, such as diaper changing stations, refrigerator, and an area to prepare their daily nutritious and tasty meals.

At École Est Belle Academy, everyday your toddlers will experience age-appropriate activities that are designed to stimulate and nurture their development, such as problem solving, physical activities, eye-hand coordination, and more. Other activities include:

  • Group playing, singing, and dancing.
  • Outdoor activities to promote their social skills in a refreshing and healthy environment.
  • Toys and activities that are designed for toddlers to learn while they are being active.
  • Useful skills and traits, such as washing hands, taking care of themselves, and sharing with their friends.

Stage 3: Twaddler (2 to 2 ½ years old)

At École Est Belle Academy, the twaddler program is what comes next after your child’s exploring and discovering stage as toddlers. In this age, they will have more opportunities to discover and learn as we offer them more advanced fun learning activities. We regularly facilitate a group circle time to encourage them to participate, learn, and share ideas and learnings with their peers. Other activities include:

  • Potty training – our staffs will regularly ask them if they need to go to the restroom and will teach and guide them through the entire process.
  • Roleplays, arts and crafts, and storytelling.
  • Learning activities that focus on enhancing their communication and social skills.
  • Daily nap and book readings.

Stage 4: Prepper (2 ½ to 3 years old)

At 2 to 3 years old, their overall development is rapidly increasing. Because of this, the “Prepper” stage is the best time to advance their learnings further, enough for them to achieve the beginning skills they need to prepare them for formal school. Aside from learning through playing, they will now be provided with helpful books that are designed to develop their verbal and non-verbal skills, such as language, recognition of colors, shapes, and numbers, science proper etiquette, counting, arts, music, and physical fitness. The prepper program is the best preparation for them as they reach another developmental milestone, which is our preschool program at École Est Belle Academy.

The Prepper program includes:

  • A complete and formal monthly curriculum with a monthly individual workbook for pupils, with tasks that they can complete and show to their parents to share what they have learned.
  • Continued and enhanced potty training.
  • Basic and age-appropriate introduction to computers and technology.
  • Writing and recognizing objects for them to be ready with reading in their next stage.
  • Improve their social skills by teaching them good manners and proper etiquette.

Stage 5: Preschooler (3 to 5 years old)

At this stage, children are even more eager to learn. They will be more inquisitive and curious, and will not be hesitant to explore and investigate everything in their surroundings. Their fine motor skills are also now even more refined and they can already skip, jump higher, draw things, perform their toileting and dressing tasks on their own. And because learning and development are acquired in varying rates, our preschooler classes are separated into three classes according to their age and stage of development.

In the Preschooler stage, pupils of École Est Belle Academy will experience:

  • Daily activities that are designed to promote their ability to think, such as matching, storytelling, writing, and more.
  • An early introduction to basic reading.
  • Programs to enhance their language and communication skills.
  • Roleplays to improve their confidence, creativity, and social skills.

Stage 6: Kindergartner (5 years old)

This is the stage where your child is becoming more independent, responsible, and capable of doing their assigned tasks, and that’s why this is the best time for them to start their formal education. Finding an excellent kindergarten environment for your kids is crucial to their overall development. At École Est Belle Academy, we provide a safe and nurturing environment for kids to have unlimited explorations and discoveries as they grow to be more confident and self-assured.

They will graduate our kindergarten program being fully developed and prepared for first grade as they experience and learn:

  • How to write their full name, complete with proper capitalization and spacing.
  • To recognize and write the letters and numbers.
  • To read books and write their own journals.
  • To develop their language skills.
  • How to be able to use the computer and selected programs.
  • To maintain proper health and nutrition.
  • To identify planets and other basic science topics.
  • To have fun with art, music, physical activities, science and dance.

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