Purpose-Built Facilities

Teacher with her students inside the classroomOur facilities at École Est Belle Academy is built with a mindset of who will enjoy and use the environment that we are building. For a child to be interested in learning and being okay to be away from the comforts of his home, he should be placed in an environment where he can feel that he can be at home in it as well. This is how we project the confines of our academy.

When a child feels comfortable in the place where he is at, he will be able to enjoy his time there and learning will not be as hard as it seems. He will be interested in spending more time in the academy and he will look forward in coming to the academy every day.

We also make sure that our academy is safe and secure for the children to stay in and roam around. We have miniature streets and parks for their outside classroom activities so that they will not have to go anywhere anymore. We make sure that everything they need can be catered inside the academy for a safer learning process.

Our class rooms are also secured with cameras that will help in monitoring everything that is going on inside it. The walls and corners are also rounded to make sure that the children are safe inside no matter what they do. The tables inside the classroom are also designed to face the teacher and the board for the children to keep their focus on the lessons that will be given. There will also be child friendly gadgets that will be given to the children to enhance their learning process and to make it more enjoyable.

Here is a summary of the features of our facilities in École Est Belle Academy:

  • Safe and secure
  • Children-friendly amenities
  • Miniature parks and streets
  • Spacious play grounds
  • Monitored cameras inside classrooms
  • Child friendly gadgets

Contact Information

Plot 11 Olatunji St., Gateway Zone

Magodo Isheri Lagos, Nigeria

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Phone: 0902-033-0120

Email: ecoleestbelle@yahoo.com